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Annexum Corekees Sustainable Investment Platform

Corekees has launched their investment marketplace, built on the Bloqhouse platform, giving investors a digital and interactive view of their sustainability investments. The company was founded in 2018 by Nick van Heesewijk and Tamar van Heesewijk. To date, the startup has planted over 20,000 Pongamia trees in South America.

By paying the harvest yields to tree investors, Corekees makes CO₂ compensation economically attractive. In addition to hundreds of private individuals, successful companies such as Blokker, SHV Energy, and Vandebron are also part of their client base. With the launch of their new platform, Corekees is laying the groundwork for future sustainable investment projects and the international expansion of their Dutch fintech startup.

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Nick van Heesewijk, co-founder Corekees:

Nick van Heesewijk, co-founder Corekees:

“After months of development, the renewed Corekees platform including a brand new investment dashboard, has been launched. The new platform has an updated design, improved navigation and is mobile-friendly. But that's just the first part. The real improvement is in the dashboard for investors! Here you can see at a glance how many trees you own, when you can expect return and how much CO₂ you have compensated. The Bloqhouse Technologies platform has brought us the professionalization step we were looking for for the next phase in our company!"

The world is moving towards new models of ownership.

The world is moving towards new models of ownership.

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