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Bloqhouse Technologies
Bloqhouse Technologies
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Bloqhouse presents a suite of software products, each catering to distinct needs. All of our products are cloud-based and designed to support fund managers, funding platforms and companies raising capital.

Via our solutions, we simplify the capital raising process, ensuring it is user-friendly, cost-effective, and future-ready. Additionally, we offer an outstanding digital interface that enhances the investor experience not only during the capital raising phase but also in the post-raising stages.

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Fund Management

Our Fund Management solution is tailored to meet the specific needs of modern fund managers, with a focus on optimizing the capital raising process. This solution encompasses essential features such as built-in Know Your Customer (KYC) functionality, an Investor Portal, Payment processing, Contracting capabilities, Reporting, and Administrative tools.

These features collectively enhance the user experience for both fund managers and investors, making it an ideal choice for the next generation fund manager.

The Product

Marketplace Lending

Our Marketplace Lending platform is designed for the next generation of private credit and crowdfunding platforms, with a focus on simplifying capital raising and improving the investor experience. It provides various features, including integrated Know Your Customer (KYC) functionality, an Investor Portal, seamless Payment processing, Contracting capabilities, and a Loan Administration portal.

These features collectively enhance the user experience for both platform managers and investors, making it an ideal choice for modern platforms.

The Product

Captable Management

Our Captable Management Platform is tailored for corporate finance firms, law firms, and Private Equity firms aiming to provide captable management capabilities to their clients. It features a personalized dashboard for all company participants and investors, offering visibility into estimated returns and transaction history. Moreover, the platform serves as a centralized repository for vital documents, including participation rules, financial statements, valuation reports, and transaction documents.

Users can easily retrieve and download these essential documents from the platform, whether for tax purposes or personal requirements, ensuring seamless and organized document management.

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